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Carbon Business Support Advisor

Posting Date:  12 Jul 2024
City:  Shanghai

Shanghai, CN, 200052

Contract Type:  Fixed-Term
Division:  Certification International Growth
Level of experience:  Intermediate

RINA is currently recruiting for a Carbon Business Support Advisor to join its office in Shanghai, China within the Certification International Growth Division.


A Business Support Advisor with a focus on managing administrative tasks from the creation of a customer in a database to the issuance of invoices plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth customer interactions and efficient business operations. 

Key Accountabilities

1. Customer Data Management (if needed):
- Create and maintain accurate customer records in the database.
- Ensure that customer information is up-to-date and complete.
- Handle customer inquiries related to account information and updates.
2. Offer Management:
- Collaborate with business development teams to insert offer in the internal system 
- Provide customer with complete and accurate offer documents
3. Contract and Customer Order Processing:
- Manage and update contract, ensuring accuracy and completeness. 
- Receive and process customer orders, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
- Coordinate with relevant departments to fulfill orders in a timely manner.
- Update customers on order status and expected delivery dates.
4. Invoicing (if needed):
- Generate and issue invoices to customers based on sales orders or service agreements.
- Verify the accuracy of invoice details, including pricing and quantities.
- Handle invoice-related inquiries and discrepancies.
5. Payment Processing (if needed):
- Monitor and track customer payments.
- Coordinate with the finance department to ensure timely and accurate payment processing.
- Address payment-related inquiries and issues.
6. Timesheet Management (if needed):
- Remind technical staff to submit accurate and timely timesheets for each project.
- Ensure timesheets are completed in accordance with company policies and client requirements.
7. Customer Communication:
- Communicate with customers to provide information about products, services, and order status.
- Respond to customer inquiries and resolve issues promptly and professionally.
- Send out communication regarding invoices, payment reminders, and other relevant updates.
8. Problem Resolution:
- Identify and address customer concerns, working collaboratively with other departments as needed.
- Investigate and resolve billing discrepancies or disputes.
- Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction through effective problem resolution.
9. Compliance and Documentation:
- Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures in customer interactions.
- Maintain accurate and organized records of customer communications, transactions, and invoices.


High School Diploma/GED in Business Administration Finance Management


- While not always mandatory, any previous experience in business support, customer service or a related field can be an advantage. This could include internships, part-time roles, or volunteer experience.
- Familiarity with the RINA services is beneficial. The advisors should be willing to learn about the offerings to effectively assist commercial teams, operations and customers.
- Basic computer skills are often necessary, including the ability to use customer relationship management (CRM) systems, input data accurately, and utilize other relevant software tools.


  • CLIENT INTIMACY - Embrace internal and external client needs, expectations, and requirements to ensure maximum satisfaction
  • EARN TRUST - Take everyone's opinion into account and remain open to diversity
  • PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Promote commitment by keeping promises as a Role Model
  • MANAGE EMOTIONS - Recognise one's and other's emotions and express and regulate one's reactions
  • PIONEER CHANGE - Actively embrace change and benefit from the new circumstances
  • BUILD NETWORK - Forge trust relationships, across departments, and outside the organization
  • MAKE EFFECTIVE DECISIONS - Structure activities according to priorities, actions, resources and constraint
  • ADDRESS THE WAY - Have a big picture of different situations and reinterpret it in a perspective way
  • THINK FORWARD - Capitalise on experiences and translate them into action plans for the future


With over 5,600 employees and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide, RINA is a multinational player which provides certification, marine classification, product testing, site supervision and vendor inspection, training and engineering consultancy services across a wide range of sectors. Our business model covers the full process of project development, from concept to completion. The aim is to guarantee a project’s technical, environmental and safety - and sometimes also economic and financial - sustainability.


At RINA, we endeavor to create a work environment where every single person is valued and encouraged to develop new ideas. We provide equal employment opportunities and are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels respected and safe from discrimination or harassment of any kind. We are also compliant to the Italian Law n. 68/99.


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