Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting an application

1) I could not find a role I am interested in, but I would like to send my CV. Can I do this?

Yes, you can submit a speculative application at any time by registering your candidate profile. You can create alerts to get updates about your job search and set the frequency (for example receive alerts every 7 days).

2) Are you experiencing any technical issue while registering your profile on our career site or applying to a position?

If you experience any technical problems, please contact us and fill in the form.

Selection process

3) What is my application status?

You will be informed through email communications from the RINA Recruitment Team about the status of your application.

4) What type of interview will I face?

In general, initial contact is usually by phone, with follow-up interviews in person or sometimes via video conference.

5) Will there be any assessment?

If your CV is consistent with the position, you will first be asked to take cognitive and behavioural tests. In any case you will receive personalised feedback covering the main strengths and weaknesses that emerged from the assessment. This process is supported by SHL, an international company providing cognitive, behavioural and personality tests that help us collect deeper insights on prospective employees.

6) How should I prepare for a virtual interview?

For video interviews we usually use Microsoft Teams. Here are some tips for preparing for a video interview:

  • find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from interruptions.
  • ensure your internet connection is stable.
  • check that your computer’s audio is working and test your camera.
  • close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.
  • have a pen, notepad and copy of your resume/CV with you.
  •  switch your phone to silent mode or do not disturb.

7) What happens if I get selected?

When you get selected, the onboarding phase starts. It can vary according to the specific regulations of each country, but usually includes the following steps:

  • evaluation of your suitability to your specific tasks (medical certificate and/or medical visit).
  • signing of the contract and/or other necessary documents.
  • when your suitability to your specific tasks is confirmed and the contract is signed, you personal data are uploaded to our systems.

8) What happens if I don’t get selected?

If your profile does not match the requirements of the role, you will be informed about the outcome of the application and you will also receive feedback on the cognitive and behavioural tests you have taken.
Your candidate profile will, in any case, be available to our recruitment team for future job opportunities.

9) How can I withdraw my application or delete my profile from your database?

You can withdraw your application at any time through the ‘Jobs Applied For – Withdraw Application’ section, or delete your profile through 'Options – Settings – Delete Profile’.


10) Do you have internship programmes?

We offer a variety of internship programmes across a range of disciplines, as well as programmes tailored to students and recent graduates. As the types and duration of internships vary by country, we recommend getting in touch to learn about the opportunities available locally.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

11) Do you hire people with disabilities? 

Yes, at RINA we believe differences provide great opportunities, which is why we are committed to promoting an internal culture based on the respect and value of disabilities. For this reason, we joined various organisations (such as Valore D) to better understand all kinds of diverse abilities and elaborate strategies to value them. Moreover, within our Digital Academy we also offer training courses aimed at developing an inclusive culture based on the development of specific skills related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues. 

12) What are your diversity policies? 

At RINA, we promote a culture of inclusion to create a work environment where every single person feels valued for their uniqueness. We empower people by embracing all differences and promoting equality of opportunity at every stage of employment, from the talent acquisition process and the assignment of roles. 

RINA has always aimed at guaranteeing not only health and safety in the workplace, but also respect for the dignity of its resources. RINA will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment of any kind and will seek to prevent all acts of discrimination and harassment against any person, employee or freelance contractor working for RINA, and stipulates the measures which RINA has adopted against workplace harassment.

RINA has adopted a specific policy dedicated to 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,' as well as a policy against sexual and gender-based harassment in the workplace, demonstrating a strong commitment to these issues. 

To learn more visit our Diversity, Equity  and Inclusion web page.

13) Do you hire veterans in the UK? 

Yes, RINA signed the UK Armed Forces Covenant at the end of 2018 and has been certified with the Gold Award under the government Employer Recognition Scheme. We offer resettlement advice and guidance during the transition period, providing learning, coaching and mentoring support throughout the various business areas we operate in. It doesn’t stop here though, and we are hard at work to ensure we surpass the requested criteria, creating further opportunities to successfully transition from all areas of military service to build new and exciting careers in RINA.

Learning and career development

14) Is there an induction program for new employees?

Yes, we have a dedicated induction program to help you integrate quickly into the RINA world from day one. You will have the opportunity to participate in online courses to learn essential and practical concepts that will enable you to live, work, and thrive effectively and safely within our business community.

15) What formal learning opportunities does RINA offer?

RINA offers a wide range of learning opportunities, including traditional in-person courses provided by qualified colleagues or external suppliers, as well as online learning courses (both synchronous and asynchronous). In terms of face-to-face learning, we provide coaching, professional courses, seminars, and various specialised training programs, both technical and managerial.

We also have a Digital Academy open to all RINA people, where the learning offerings are managed, delivered, and monitored online. The Digital Academy is continuously updated, not only to enhance the learning experience of RINA people but also to expand the content's overall scope by adding new features and sector-specific learning modules.

Within the Digital Academy, you will find the "Our Learning Journey" area, primarily designed for newly hired people, to guide them towards the most appropriate learning path from their first days at the company. Additionally, the "Soft Skills Academy" is entirely dedicated to the development of soft skills, equipping our team members with the necessary tools to excel and begin their path to success within the company.

16) Why are learning activities important at RINA?

Our value is in people and their skills. We believe in the development and growth of human capital, and we believe that learning activities are fundamental to foster innovation and promote change. The results of our 2021 Engagement Survey prove it: 94% of our employees at a global level declared that they consider their learning experience important and useful for their career development as well. Finally, we consider our learning strategy an important driver to achieve the business goals, as well as to increase the engagement and sense of belonging of our people.

17) How are my performance results tracked?

We have been using an innovative performance management system for several years now.
The informational flows, models and structure of our system are periodically updated to keep up with the emerging needs of our people (such as development of continuous feedback and total evaluation) and allow a more effective integration with other systems and processes.

18) What are the essential criteria for me to grow at RINA?

We mainly look for solid technical skills and / or strong transversal skills that we consider essential for managerial roles, international vocations, passion and a spirit of collaboration.

19) How can I move to different roles within RINA?

RINA is a continuously evolving and changing company. We offer our employees the opportunity to grow in different ways, such as through internal job postings and experiences abroad. For each person, we identify potential career developments according to their professional attitude and individual performance results.

Ways of working

20) Do you offer remote working?

Yes, we have remote working policies varying according to specific country laws. We recommend asking about the opportunities available locally during the job interview.

21) If I expatriate, will my family be able to come with me?

As part of the international development that characterizes RINA, we consider the management of expatriate personnel to be increasingly important and strategic. Our expatriate policy can vary according to the country, but it usually includes accommodation for family. We recommend getting in touch to learn about the opportunities available locally.

Compensation and benefits

22) Do you offer benefits?

Yes, at RINA we believe in a total reward strategy: in our opinion, it represents an effective driver to engage our employees and motivate them to improve their performance. We recommend asking about the different benefits available according to job role and performance results during the job interview.