Auditor - Civil Engineering

Posting Date:  05-May-2023
City:  Livorno

Livorno, IT, 57123 Ancona, IT, 60131 Roma, IT, 144

Contract Type:  Permanent
Division:  Certification Italy Region
Level of experience:  Entry Level

RINA is currently recruiting for a Auditor - Civil Engineering to join its office in Livorno, Italy or Ancona, Italy or Rome, Italy within the Certification Italy Region Division.


This role focuses on managing the audits process related to the different certification schemes


  • Degree in Materials, Civil Engineering or Technical Diploma
  • Knowledge of EU Regulation no. 305 (at least 2 years of work experience in the field of construction products)
  • Knowledge of FPC Concrete (at least 2 years of work experience in the concrete production sector)
  • Knowledge of civil CND /Bridge Inspection (at least 2 years of experience in the management of activitiesrelated to non-destructive testing in the civil field and in the field of inspections of bridges, viaducts, andwalkways)
  • The possession of authorizations by the Italian Ministry to operate within the framework of Regulation (EU) no.305/2011 on construction products and in the context of certification pursuant to Italian D.M. 17/01/2018(Norme Tecniche delle Costruzioni) and Guidelines “La Produzione, il Trasporto e il Controllo del calcestruzzopreconfezionato” elaborated by “Servizio Tecnico Centrale del Consiglio Superiore dei LL.PP.” will constitute apreferential title.
  • The possession of level II or III certifications in the field of civil non-destructive testing and in the field ofBridge, Viaduct and Walkway Inspectors will be a preferential title.
  • Knowledge of the specific applicable mandatory regulations will also be taken into account (Guidelines “LaProduzione, il Trasporto e il Controllo del calcestruzzo preconfezionato” elaborated by “Servizio TecnicoCentrale del Consiglio Superiore dei LL.PP.”, Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 on construction products withparticular reference to the following mandates: M 100 "Prefabricated concrete products", M 111 "Fixedequipment for road traffic", M114 "Cements, construction limes and other hydraulic binders", M 124 "Roadmaterials", M 125 "Aggregates (natural, crushed, industrial process and recycled", UNI PdR 56:2019,Guidelines for risk classification and management, safety assessment and monitoring of existing bridges
  • Excellent relational skills and ability to work in a team
  • Knowledge of audit techniques, such as ability to manage the audit, interview, and record observations
  • Knowledge of audit planning methods



Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare, manage and control the audit program;
  • Assign the audit team;
  • Check the customer documents management system documents (as manual, procedures, instructions, files, records), technical documents and other documents supporting the audit;
  • Plan the audits;
  • Participate in and conduct audits (Carry out interview, take notes during the audit);
  • Identify and define the results of the audit (Positive and negative findings as non conformities, opportunity of improvement);
  • Draw up the audit reports;
  • Follow up the results of the audit (Non conformities and corrective action management);
  • Carry out technical review of files and decide on certification;
  • Keep skills / qualifications / certifications up to date;
  • Maintain updated the data of the customer and the other data relevant to the audit process;
  • Demonstrated customer focus, striving for high customer satisfaction, understanding the requests and needs of the customer, and being responsive for the quality and effectiveness of the audit activities audit process


  • Teamwork and Leadership: Team Contributor
  • Building and Developing Professional/Technical Knowledge: Gain advanced knowledge of professional/technical area
  • Change, Innovation and Responsiveness: Support change
  • Customer/Client Service: Provide a positive client experience
  • Communication and Influence: Communicate effectively and influence individuals
  • Planning, Organising and Pro activity: React to short term priorities and plan activities
  • Business Development: Support BD Activity
  • Results Focus: Ensure you team achieve their goals


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering General
Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

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